Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Talbot Trailer

The "Talbot" lightweight Cycle Trailer

Shown below is a copy of a leaflet found in the desk of the shop's office. In fact the 'office' had not functioned as such for many years being waist deep in paper, cycle and vacuum cleaner parts by the time that we got in there in March 2011.

This is a leaflet advertising what is believed to be a 1950s product - we also found the photo that was used in the leaflet.

Leaflet describing a single wheel lightweight bicycle trailer

Picture of bike (complete with Brooks Saddle) attached to a Talbot Trailer

See the 'Sign of the times' for a rather optimistic hand painted ad for the trailer.

In clearing the flat, we found the original plans for the trailer and documents apparently related to applying for a patent for it in the mid 1950s.

Hand drawn of plan for the cycle trailer

Letter from patent office granting additional time for applying for the patent

Both Margaret and Geoff were photographed towing the trailer.
Margaret cycyling with the trailer

Geoff towing the trailer

Interestingly we were recently asked to provide a modern trailer. The wheel has already been made by Talbot Wheelworks (Justin) - this one has a carbon rim and hub dynamo and the whole wheel weighs almost nothing, a bit different from the origninal trailer's wheel!

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